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Our Goal

Our Goal

Establishing normality after decades of war

Three decades of civil war had left deep scars in Sri Lankan society with tens of thousands of people
displaced from their homes. Although lot of children lost one or both parents. Many children are forced
to become the head of the household making them unable to attend school.
Care for All (CFA) provides financial assistance to encourage children to pursue their studies. We have initially selected a
number of students from the Vanni district to start our project. Our financial assistance for these children lessens the
burden on their families or younger siblings which enable them to focus more on their education.

Our Mission

We also provide one off financial help to the disabled people affected by war and natural disasters.

Our Vision

We aim to create a positive financial environment for the students affected by war in the Northern province of Sri Lanka.
By making a regular financial contribution to fulfil their educational needs, we aim to encourage these students to achieve
their full potential in terms of academic achievements to fulfil their career goals.

Our Objectives

1. Financially assist a selected number of students in their educational needs.
2. Encourage more donors to contribute to our cause to help more children.
3. To encourage the students whom we help to succeed in their education and build successful careers.

Having seen the hardships that these children undergo in their day to day life, we believe that it is the moral responsibility
of us to help them to prosper in their lives. Going further, it will help them to become worthy citizens of the country
promoting peace and stability which will benefit the society as a whole.